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Grounded Cameroon Pepper Spice - 100% Authentic - 250g(8oz)

Grounded Cameroon Pepper Spice - 100% Authentic - 250g(8oz)

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Introducing our Grounded Cameroon Pepper Spice, a culinary delight that brings the authentic flavors of Cameroon to your kitchen.
Our freshly dried and grounded Cameroon Pepper is highly aromatic, spicy and authentic with no fillers. It adds mouth watering flavors to all dishes. It is packed in a convenient 250g (8oz) food grade pouch. This spice is a must-have for any food enthusiast. 

Elevate your dishes with the rich, bold taste of 100% authentic Cameroon pepper - a true culinary adventure in evert sprinkle.

Aromatic, Spicy & 100% Natural with No Additives, No Preservatives & No Fillers. Due to its very spicy nature, it should be used sparingly

​Ingredients: Cameroon Pepper - "Dried & Grounded Habanero Pepper" - HOT!!

Store in a dry cool place or in the freezer for long lasting freshness.

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