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Wholegrain Ofada Brown and Creamy White Rice - Stone & Dirt Free - 100% Natural

Wholegrain Ofada Brown and Creamy White Rice - Stone & Dirt Free - 100% Natural

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Ofada Rice is the traditional and natural staple food with unique flavour and taste. Popularly sought after at African-American Weddings, Engagement and other events globally.

Substitute Ofada Rice to regular per-boiled rice used for Jollof Rice, Fried Rice and Italian Risotto.


🍃 SOLD In 1.5KG & 2KG Bags

🍃 Less Aromatic due to 100% mechanized processing compared to local hand processing at the parboiling stage.

🍃 Packaged and Distributed in Canada

🍃 Locally grown and Harvested in West Africa

🍃 BBD March 2024


🍃Wholegrain Brown Rice - 100% Natural Ofada Rice. Also Available in Creamy White.

🍃 Aromatic & Full of Fiber

🍃 No Artificial Processing

🍃 No Additives

🍃 100% Stoneless & Dirt Free

🍃 Great for healthy eating

🍃 Suitable for Vegetarians 

🍃 Nutritious for Babies ( Cooked and Blended )

🍃 May contains lots of anti-oxidants

Preparing Ofada Rice:

🍃Bring Water to Boil

🍃Wash & add rice to hot water, add salt. (DO NOT PARBOIL)

🍃Reduce the heat and cook for 30 minutes (add more water as required)

🍃Turn off the heat, cover and simmer for 10 minutes

🍃Serve with Ofada Stew & Plantain or Ayamase Ingredients for Ofada Stew:. Red Palm Oil, Crushed Tomatoes, Crushed Red Bell Peppers, Onions, Meat, Fish, Crayfish, Boiled Eggs. 

Ofada Rice in Canada

***Please note that the benefits listed above is not a representation of, nor the promotion of any medical and healthcare products and services.*** 


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