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100% Natural & Air-Dried Whole Locust Beans (IRU) - 250g (8oz)

100% Natural & Air-Dried Whole Locust Beans (IRU) - 250g (8oz)

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Our farm fresh fermented and air-dried Locust Beans (IRU) is packed with great nutritious benefits and zero SALT added. It is distinctly aromatic and high in lipid, protein, carbohydrate, fat and calcium.
Popularly known as: IRU, Sumbala, DawaDawa, Ogiri Okpe & Kainda 
Locust beans is known for its free radical reducing ability and is palatable in most dishes and soups with amazing benefits.

Add to Ogbono soup, Goat meat stew, Spinach stew, Okra soup, Fried pepper, Ofada rice sauce and Ayamase (green pepper stew).

BBD: Feb 2027

To use: Soak air-dried IRU in a bowl of warm water for 5 mins, rinse and add to cooking. Ingredients: Air Dried African Locust Beans(IRU, Ogiri Okpe, Sumbala Dawadawa, Kainda, Netetu)

Store in an air tight container or place pouch in the freezer for long lasting freshness.

Locust Beans Near Me, African Locust Bean Tree


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