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Ogbono - Natural African Bush Mango Seeds - 250g(8oz)

Ogbono - Natural African Bush Mango Seeds - 250g(8oz)

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Our freshly dried and grounded Ogbono is a soup thickener, packed with great nutrients and delicious rich flavors. It has an exceptional drawing state. 100% authentic with no fillers.

Cook the Ogbono with our farm fresh red palm oil and dry locust beans(IRU).

Add fresh or dry fish, shrimps, snails, goatmeat, tribes, cow skin, crayfish & finely chopped peppers with some bouillon cubes & top it off with chopped baby spinach, kale, bitterleaf or pumpkin leaves .

Consume with Plantain Fufu/Cassava/Pounded Yam or any dough of your choice. Ingredients: Dry Bush Mango Seeds, also referred to as Dika Nuts. 

Local name: Aapon

Product of Badagry

Store in a dry cool place or in the freezer

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