About Us

We are all about locally farmed West African nutritious food products.  100% Authentic with zero preservatives, zero additives, no fillers and no MSG. 

Our Products:

  • Wholegrain Ofada Brown & Creamy White Rice Stone & Dirt Free
  • Freshly dried and grounded Peppersoup Seasoning
  • Badagry African Bush Mango Seed - Ogbono/Apon
  • Air Dried Locust Beans - IRU/OGIRI/Dawadawa
  • Freshly dried and grounded Suya Pepper grilling seasoning
  • Aromatic, spicy freshly grounded Cameroon Pepper with no fillers
  • 100% pure & unrefined Red Palm Oil

Mechanized Rice Production

Ofada Rice Farming & Mechanized Production

Palm Kernel

Palm Kernel Farming Produced into Palm Oil